Thursday, March 10, 2011

Learning Permit acquired!

I have been devouring information from the forums every day, (Mainly and reading about anything I could find for setting up a turbo. I have learned many interesting aspects that need to be measured and calculated for the setup I am attempting to build. Below is my current shopping list for the engine and some other aspects of the car I plan to work on. Please leave comments or suggestions. I am always open to ideas and learning.

[XXXXXXXX--]80% - Planning
[----------]0% - Fabrication

I plan to start posting as much information as I can find from the sites I've read. Mainly to securely store it all in one location as well as provide a source for others whom are interested in following the same route. I've noticed that there are a lot of people whom jump on the forums and start posting questions, I myself felt tempted to do the same. That is until I noticed that there was a bit of animosity towards noobs posting simple questions. It wasn't that the question was easy or hard to answer, the frustration from most of the veteran'd users was that the information was already posted somewhere, nested in a thread, and if the new user had done a little bit of searching, they would have been able to answer their own question. I have sat down and read thread after thread on the same subject, spending hours to answer simple basic questions. Thankfully i was able to dedicate the time and enjoy spending time in front of the computer. But for those who would rather grab an answer and head on their way, I hope this blog can assist with that. Also I find a lot of sites that reference photos in their "How to's" but when the page loads, the photos are missing. I hope to be able to repost those photos so we don't loose them to an old, abandoned post.

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