Monday, February 21, 2011

Yay... working windows.

I have gone five years now without working windows. In 2007 I wired up some toggle switches to the motors themselves and had them sot of working, but it was a terrible setup and one day I finally grew frustrated and ripped them out. Now that I have focused my finances on my car, I decided the first thing I needed to fix was the windows. I knew that the power amp assembly had gone out and it was just a matter of replacing it.

I picked one up from Courtasy Nissan, for $90 shipped. Installed it and turned the key to the ignition spot and clicked the window button. Nothing happened. Of course i felt that moment of fear that maybe this was more than just the power amp assembly. Upon further investigation, i found that the fusable link that is up in the engine bay was burned out. Replaced that and it works! I had to stick a spring under the "auto-down" button as what ever kicks it back up was broken. On the passenger side if you pull up on the switch, the window rolls down, but you can't roll it up. At this point though, I don't really care.

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