Thursday, May 5, 2011

Back to basics


The other day, a friend and I where driving around, enjoying the wonderful 90 degree weather here in Sacramento with the windows rolled up and the AC on. We had just finished eating lunch and I started the car back up to head back to work when a loud screech emitted from under my hood.
I immediately turned off the AC and it went away. Turned it back on and it came back. It was obviously a belt issue.
Of course with the nice warm weather, rolling down the windows wasn't really a problem, and once we where moving, it was more than comfortable enough, but the belt issue drove me nuts.

A little back story:

I've had an issue with the compressor loosing bolts randomly. The last time this happened, the compressor was only be held on by one bolt.

The resolution:

So, I went strait to Kragen once I got off of work and asked about the bolts I needed. Of course they had no way of looking them up so I continued home and looked at it myself.

There was still three bolts holding the compressor to the mounting bracket, but a closer inspection showed that I had only one bolt holding the bracket to the motor. By now, the belt was making a constant whining noise and I was starting to become embarrassed to drive my car.

I had, in the past sometime, found a loose bolt and realized its from the bracket. I took that bolt back and purchased four similar as well as a belt.

I attempted to install the additional bolts back into the compressor bracket but was unable to get more than one, with "locktite" on it this time.

I figure that will work well enough until I can get a chance to install the rest. Should be soon.

All in all, it was refreshing to perform normal maintenance/repair on the car. Been a long time since I worked on something that wasn't a part of the stock car :)

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