Thursday, January 26, 2012

Carputer troubles never end.

So... Finally got a nice temporary/hidden install set up for my carputer.

I put the power supply under my seat and the computer is right behind my seat. I am still able to position my seat how I like and for the most part, all the cables have been hidden.

Unfortunately I worked great for about two days and then fell into the an issue of just continuously rebooting. The screen turns on, the audio turns on, but after about five seconds the computer turns back off. Just to start the whole thing over again in 1 second.

I have set up an account with Zotac and will be attempting to get them to resolve the issue. The other idea I have is to pull a gig of memory out of my desktop and see if that changes anything.

According to one of the forums they found faulty memory causing the issue. I've tried removing the memory and firing up the system myself but that didn't resolve anything.

Oh well, I'll keep working on it and one day will have a fully functional, constantly working set up. :)

Side note. I tested and the computer will fit perfectly in a amp's enclosure I have. I'm currently using it to power the sub woofer in the living room or else I would have moved the board over. Once I get everything sorted out with Zotac, I plan to look into replacing the car sub I have hooked up to the living room stereo and then sacrificing the amp.

I'll post pics as soon as I have any progress.

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  1. How’s the carputer doing now? Are you still having problems with it? Well, if none of your methods work, then the problem might be with the connection of the carputer to the other devices. Sometimes, a computer would restart itself because it’s trying to scan and indentify all the other devices that are connected to it. I do hope you’ve already found a solution to it.