Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This is the stock KA24DE on my 95 240sx. Since i acquired the car in 2003 I have had to replace the timing chain, water pump, radiator, and valve cover gasket. As of today, it runs great on the cooler days, bogs down quite a bit on warm summer days, and eats through oil. I haven't done a compression test in a few years but the last time i tested it, #4 was sitting around 135psi, 20psi less than the other three cylinders.

My speedometer broke shortly after purchasing the car, leaving the mileage in 2003 around 135,000. With all the driving I tend to do, i'm assuming I'm over 200,000 at this point.

Current modifications = None, with the exception of a cut air-box, although i'm pretty sure this is limiting my power, not improving it.

Plans = Turbo setup. I plan to pull the engine, rebuild with forged parts, have the head worked on, and set everything up for a T3/T04E 50trim, .63 A/R. I would like to push somewhere between 300 - 400hp, but still maintain daily driving ability. I will be looking into doing the "White Bunny" setup to hold the power and keep my leg from breaking. My average daily miles are 25, leaving me yearly, to and from work, at 6,500 miles. I do like to take it on trips occasionally so I expect my average for a year will be around 8 - 10,000 miles. I hope that the setup I'm working on will be strong enough to not cause many problems driving this much.

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