Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Where it started

I accidentally purchased my 95 Nissan 240sx in 2003.

I had gone to a few different dealerships and had finally settled on a 2000 Dodge Neon. When I returned to work, I explained to a few of my coworkers that I was working getting a loan to buy the Neon and thankfully one of them explained to me how terrible of a decision that would be. He further convinced me to actually hand him the $5,000 I had in the bank at the time and that he would go out of town for the weekend and return with an impressive car. Gullible me, I handed him the money and waited for a phone call from him.

I did get a little worried when Sunday came around and it was 7:00pm and I still hadn't heard from him. If he didn't work with me then I probably would have started to make some phone calls. But he did finally call, around 9:00pm and asked me to meet him at the front gate. At the time I was in the military and he wasn't able to drive the car on base until it was registered in my name. He picked me up and we went out to his house that was located off base. When we pulled up, I fell in love. Sitting in the dark was a sexy looking rear end with a much too large muffler. I jumped out of his car quickly and ran up, running my hands down the long curves of the body. He sat down in the drivers seat and I jumped as the motor roared to life. I was hooked, grinning from ear to ear, listening to that thing purr. We took it out for a quick spin, at which point he showed me how easy it was to break the back tires loose and how solid the acceleration was, which at the time was more than enough to throw my head into the head-rest.

The rest was non-stop fun and entertainment as I took that car all over Texas and New Mexico. It ran great, beat everything out on the street, including the newer V-6 Eclipse's. I was in heaven... that is until i started to notice a few things going down hill.

Since those original first couple of years, my 240 has been on a steady decline. As of now it gets me to and from work, with occasional fun on rainy days.

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