Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Interior

Current List of current missing/broken parts on the interior:

Missing center console cover. - I currently have the new one - need to mold it to fit to my screen. Should start working on it soon.
Stereo wire showing everywhere. - Still haven't resolved this
Shift boot tattered
Shift knob from Kragen - needs to be replaced
Holes in shifter area cover. - attempted to install switches, didn't work out.
Holes in door pieces. -
installed tweeters in wrong location. - Tweeters are now in their correct location, need to deal with old install holes.
Seats in terrible shape - Cleaned, they look great now
rear deck cover vibrates - fixed, the Rear top seat needed to be connected to the bottom seat.
steering wheel falling apart
Speedometer doesn't work - since 2003 - Indiglow gauges (terrible idea)

I plan to slowly replace or repair all the issues that I am currently having with the interior. Eventually I will start a couple of projects that should improve the overall appearance and functionality of my interior. I will post more information about them soon.

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