Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Master Plan

As of now, current planning includes keeping the stock motor and rebuilding it. I know that since I have owned it, I have kept the Oil up, replaced a few parts, and have maintained it as well as I could while running it hard.

Ultimate Goal:

Rebuild the engine for a turbo and push anywhere from 300 - 400whp. Simple but solid suspension. Clean interior, and improve the overall appearance of the car.

Current status of car:

As of now, I have been hit three times, once rear-ended, once side-swiped in a parking lot, and then backed into in a parking lot. The rear bumper shows no real sign of damage but the entire passenger side has suffered decent body damage. Nothing happened at high speeds so I am not too concerned with the frame. Need to just have the body panels replaced.

The engine is probably sitting around 200,000 miles as the spedo broke at 130,000 in 2003. The compression in chamber 4 is 20lbs lower than the rest of the chambers and there is plenty of oil being burned.

I have been through three cheep clutches from Auto zone and have no intention of sticking with that idea. The Synchros in the transmission are obviously warn and there is a whine when ever I am moving or the clutch is disengaged. I expect that to be a bearing. I hear a clicking from the rear passenger tire when I first start to accelerate.

The interior has received minor smoker damage, but I quit smoking in my car about a year ago. The drivers side window doesn't seal correctly. I plan to have that looked at. The seals on the rear window are missing the cover piece.

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